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Please check with Vietnamese Diplomatic Missions in your country at if an entry visa is required for your passport. Only citizens of the following countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa (this information is for reference only and it may vary from the actual visa requirements):

  • For not more than 30 days: citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Laos.
  • For not more than 15 days: citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland.

In case a visa is required, you can select one of the following ways to apply for the visa:

  • Contact a Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission in your country directly and apply for a visa.
  • Scan your passport and send it together with your desired landing airport to the conference secretariat. The conference secretariat will request the conference travel agent partner to apply for a visa for you. When the application is approved (normally after 3-5 business days), the secretariat will inform you of the application number. You do not need to go the Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission, but can use the application number to get the visa stamped at the airport. You will need to pay for the arrangement fee of 12 USD to 15 USD depending on your urgency and your stay length plus the visa application fee.

Entry visa arrangement fee


 Kind of Visa

 Price (USD)


Visa 01 month single

Normal ( result will be arrived within 3 days)

Urgent 1 ( result will be arrived within 2 days)

Urgent 2 ( result will be arrived within 8 hours)

At Border  ( meet & pick up at the airport  + 15 US$ )