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Confirmed Keynote & Invited Speakers

An ultra low-power analog/RF circuits and ADC design

Prof. Akira Matsuzawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Feasibility Study of 0.5-V High-Speed Memory-Rich Nanoscale CMOS LSIs

Dr. Kiyoo Itoh, Hitachi, Japan

Low Power Technologies and Their Impact on ITC Societies

Prof. Koichiro Ishibashi, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Industrial Approach for Dependability in the Recent Decade

Dr. Nobuyasu Kanekawa, Hitachi, Japan

High-frequency Characteristics of One-dimensional Nanostructures

Prof.  Cary Yang, Santa Clara University, USA

Many-core processors for Embedded Vision Applications

Dr. Shorin Kyo, Renesas Electronics, Japan

Low Power Multicore for Embedded Systems

Dr. Fumio. Arakawa, Renesas Electronics, Japan

Energy Reduction and Dependability Enhancement of Data Transmission in Biomedical Information Sensing Systems

Prof. M. Imai, Osaka University, Japan

High Performance Parallel Computing using Cellular Neural Network on FPGA

Prof. Pham Thuong Cat, Institute of Information Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Network-on-Chips: Design and Test Challenges in Nanoscale Era

Dr. Xuan-Tu Tran, University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi